Rye’ced Tea

When I was a little girl, anytime it was sunny, my mother would always make Sun Tea. Sun Tea is easy: Just fill a glass container, whether it is a pitcher or a half gallon canning jar, be sure to pay attention to the amount of tea bags necessary (for example, 1 teabag per 8oz of water) fill your Jar/ whatevervesselyouareusing with water and let it sit in direct sunshine. That last part is important, you NEED sunshine, and the vessel NEEDS to be glass.

Fortunately for us, during self quarantine, we lucked out with some wonderful weather! I made some Sun Tea and felt inspired by the warm weather. Cheers to adult Iced Tea!


1oz Knob Creek Rye/ Any bourbon you prefer.
1/2 Oz Simple Syrup
1/4 oz (12 shakes) Bitter Housewife 
6-10 Oz of Sun Tea or English Breakfast/ Black Tea that has been cooled. (I prefer PG tips myself.)
Lemon Wedge


  1. Add all ingredients with ice in a shaker, shake for 20 seconds.
  2. Strain Mixture into glass with NEW ice. Top should have a good 1/4 inch froth.
  3. Add Lemon Wedge and Enjoy