Not your moscow Mule

My husband is kind of a mixologist. He does really well with texture and flavor, so when he asks if I want a beverage, my answer is ALWAYS yes.

This drink is not too sweet, but just sweet enough. What I love about Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. cherries is that they are great in Manhattans, Old Fashions and really, any drink. The cherries are Bing, and not overly sweet. Plus the syrup they’re in is great to use as an ingredient.


3 oz Ketel One Vodka
6 oz Cana Dry Sugar Free Ginger Ale
4 Fresh Mint Leaves
1 – 2 Cherries from Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.
Spoon-full of syrup from Cherries.


  1. In your Cocktail Shaker, fill 1/2 way with ice.
  2. Combine Vodka, mint leaves, and cherry syrup.
  3. Using a Muddler, muddle for a good 20 seconds, sing happy birthday, etc.
  4. Into a glass with ice and cherries, strain and empty contents of shaker.
  5. Finish with Ginger Ale and however many cherries you want to eat!