Quick Pickles are a great way to dress up a charcuterie platter or tacos!
Yes, we have drink recipes too!

Anne & Kat – Makeup gurus, podcast partners and two damn fine cooks!

While we both share a love of makeup and art, we are also two damn fine cooks!

During the Pandemic, we took a week off the Beauty Tips and Bullshit podcast in order to not come off “tone deaf” and took the time to really think about how to lighten the mood a bit. But not only that, to HELP our listeners!

Then it became clear that people wanted to hear about things that make us happy, like food, cooking and connection. And if you know anything about us, you know that we share a great love of homesteading and good food.

I mean, what else are we going do during a lock down?! Why not share some tips and some of our favorite recipes while everyone is hunkering down?

We want to hear from YOU!
Do you have a family favorite dish that you want to share with the world? Maybe you have tips you think would be useful for the not-so-skilled home chef – Please send us an email!!

Carrot Marmalade by Kat